Hi, I am Andries! I am by no means a “pro” rider, but rather a weekend enthusiast like most other people out there.

I grew up riding mountain bikes – it was my main mode of transport as a kid! I still have vivid memories riding my bike around the neighbourhood until it was too dark and my mom was calling me home for dinner. It was during these formative years that I really fell in love with being on a bike.

Now that I am older, I love mountain biking as my preferred mode of exercise as well as getting out in nature and away from my stresses!

why do i do this?

I live in sunny South Africa where the sun shines 300 days out of the year and we have some of the most amazing nature areas you can imagine! Also…I really do not like to run/jog (I just don’t know what to do with my arms! Is it just me?!) or going to a gym on a regular basis. So it made sense that as an adult my preferred mode of exercise would be mountain biking in the abundant nature reserve and mountain bike trails at my disposal in my area.

One thing that always kept me from getting into mountain biking though was that I was always a bit intimidated by it all. Where does one actually go to ride mountain bikes? Are there specific rules I should know about? Do I need to wear those spandex cycling shorts? What kind of mountain bike do I need? Will I be in the way of other more experienced riders on the trails? 

One day a group of my friends said they really wanted to go try riding at one of the local mountain bike trails – so I eagerly agreed to join in! We rented some bikes at the venue, got a friend who knew his way around the place to be our guide and set off. And we loved it!!

Since then we bought our own bikes, got all the necessary gear and learned some hard lessons along the way (my girlfriend even got a hospital visit out of it so far, but that is a whole other story on its own). It took a lot of reading up and asking people who knew more than we did to figure out what to look for in a new bike, what gear do we really need, when should we switch to clipless pedals etc. 

And that is why I started this site – to help others who are just starting out on the journey by sharing what I learned so far!

how do i create content?

As I said earlier, I am not an expert! But having gone through the process of being a novice that wanted to get into mountain biking, I used those experiences to figure out what are the important things people new to mountain biking would need to know. 

So everything on this site is planned from my own experiences and edited by me personally to ensure it fulfils my own quality requirements (I always ask myself, would I be happy posting this article on Facebook for all my friends to see?). I get people who are experts in mountain biking to write the articles for me and give my advice where necessary.