What Is The Best Mountain Bike Under $300?

TL;DR – In a hurry and just want to know what is the best mountain bike under $300? The best mountain bikes at that price point available are (in my opinion):

When looking for your first mountain bike, it is important to take a few key factors into consideration. If you don’t have the budget available for a full priced mountain bike, there are still many ways to get into the sport. Saving up for your ideal mountain bike can be a lengthy process. Purchasing a cheaper mountain bike and doing the work to upgrade it yourself is also a viable option when you have a limited budget.

You’ll also want to make sure you invest in a bike with the proper frame size for your height and weight. A bike with a frame size that is too small can bend the frame, while a bike with a frame size too large can make for an extremely uncomfortable ride. For people of an average height and weight, 17” tires generally work best. 16”, 17.5” and 18” tires can also be great options for a rider.

When considering a beginner mountain bike at this price range, it is wise to only consider hard-tail options. Full suspension mountain bike options should not be considered at this price range. The additional features included on full suspension mountain bikes are costly, meaning that the overall quality of your bike will suffer if you opt for a $300 full suspension bike. For maximum quality and less maintenance down the road, opt for a hard-tail mountain bike when looking for something within this price range. Otherwise, the bike’s quality may not be up to par and may leave you with a broken ride during your next trip to the trails.

If you do not have the budget or you lack the time to save up for a quality mountain bike of $1,000 or more, making some valuable upgrades to a lower priced mountain bike can go a long way. When budgeting for a new mountain bike, remember to set some money aside for purchasing pedal, grip, tire and seat upgrades. The tires that come standard with your bike will likely be made of harder, cheaper compounds than what might be best suited to you. For best results and optimal grip while out on the trail, grab a pair of high-quality aftermarket tires that are suited for your particular riding needs.

It is also wise to take your new bike to your local bike shop to assemble your new bike, tighten any loose mechanisms and tune your gearing and brake system. You bike shop can assess your new bike and suggest upgrades on certain components that will go a long way to increase the quality and performance of your bike. Listed below are some of the best mountain bikes under $300 for every type of rider. Whether you are a man or woman, whether you are short or tall, you can find a beginner mountain bike suited for your needs that will get you up and running in no time.

Eurobike OBK 27.5 – Best Bike for Men

OBK 27.5 Wheels Mountain Bike Daul Disc Brakes 21 Speed Mens Bicycle Front Suspension MTB (Yellow Aluniminium Rims)

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The Eurobike OBK 27.5 features as 17” steel frame, 27.5” tires and a MTB suspension fork that makes it an ideal bike for men who are looking to get into the sport of mountain biking. Front and rear disc brakes provide superior braking, keeping riders safe when traveling down intense terrain at high speeds. This provides riders with more control when stopping, which is especially important for those just starting out. Its MTB suspension fork allows for a smooth ride while its Shimano shifter and front and back derailleurs make gear shifting an effortless procedure.

The bike is designed for riders between 5’7″ and 6’1” in height and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. All the necessary installation tools are included in the package, making for quick assembly of the pedals, handlebar and front wheels. It is also important to air up the tires before riding the bike for the first time. Before assembling the front wheel, rotate the bike’s front fork 180 degrees, ensuring that the brakes are located to the front of the handlebars. After you do some easy assembly on your bike, you’re ready to hop on and experience the open air and sunshine.

Huffy Stone Mountain Hardtail Mountain Bike – Best Affordable Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain 26 inch, 21-Speed, Lightweight, Dark Blue

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For one of the most reliable low-cost mountain bikes available, look no further than the Huffy Stone Mountain Hardtail Mountain Bike. With some quick assembly and tuning, this new 21-speed bike will be ready to hit the ol’ dusty trail.

Designed for riders over 5” in height, the Huffy Stone Mountain features a durable steel frame and includes a limited lifetime warranty. Its front suspension for allows this bike to confront bumps, rocks and uneven terrain with ease, offering a smooth overall ride. The 21-speed gear shifter works in unison with the Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur, allowing for effortless transitions between uphill, downhill and level riding. The bike’s rear derailleur guard is removable, providing easy maintenance if gears begin to skip or stick.

The bike comes standard with ATB-type resin pedals that attach to a 3-piece crank and provide a responsive feel. For additional response and comfort, the bike offers an ATB stitched saddle adjustable seat with premium padding and Kraton hand grips. This Huffy makes for an optimal mountain bike with its 26” x 1.95” wide, knobby tires that provide traction and offer maximum grip in wet and dry riding conditions on all types of terrain. The bike’s lightweight allow wheels and style and function to the bike without adding much additional weight.

For added style and design, the bike’s fork comes coated in a rich black gloss that will protect against dirt and chips and keep your ride looking new for longer. The Kolo 1200 fork is not only stylish but it also works to absorb shock while riding. Additional protection is provided by the removable rear derailleur guard that works to protect your bike’s gears from any unnecessary damage. The bike’s braking mechanism is controlled by front and rear steel linear pull handbrakes, allowing you to stop as needed on demand and to travel through corners with ease. ATB-type resin pedals comes standard on this bike and attach to a 3-piece Kolo steel crank.

Back and shoulder strain is limited with a slight-rise handlebar that allows riders to sit more upright. This makes even the longest, roughest rides a bit more comfortable. For beginners, this can make easing into the sport even more manageable. After your bike arrives, you will need to install the front wheel, seat, pedals and handlebar. You will also need to adjust the brakes. If you are a beginner mountain biker, this could be an ideal time to take your bike to your local bike shop for a tune up. Once your bike is assembled, adjusted and in tip top shape, you’ll be ready to take it out for your first ride.

24” Royce Union RTT – Best Bike for Women

24' Royce Union RTT Womens 21-Speed Mountain Bike, Aluminum Frame, Trigger Shift, White

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If you are a woman who has recently gotten into the sport of mountain biking, the 24” Royce Union RTT is a quality option for your first ride. Featuring a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and a 24-inch wheel size, this bike is ideal for the lighter, smaller rider. For ease of handling while riding uneven, hilly terrain, the bike offers a 21-speed Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger as well as a Shimano TY 300 rear indexed derailleur for smooth shifting between gears. Simply use the index finger trigger and thumb trigger to change gears while riding, allowing you to keep your hands positioned safely on the handlebars at all times. The trigger also allows you to shift effortlessly, causing no additional twisting or unnecessary wrist strain.

The bike’s tires are wide with a knobby, deep tread ideal for gripping even the most uneven terrain. Front and back linear pull brakes keep you safe while traveling down steep terrain and offer smooth, quick stopping power. This bike is also available in a 26-inch wheel size option for taller riders. A larger wheel size offers a similar rolling resistance as smaller size wheels, though the main benefit to a larger wheel is its increased grip and traction. For a smaller beginner starting out in the sport, a 24” option could be a rewarding choice, especially if you only plan to complete short, minimal trail runs. If you plan on traveling uphill very often, you may want to opt for a mountain bike with 27.5, 28 or 29 inch wheels. The ideal mountain bike will be able to take on a variety of conditions, allowing you to travel uphill with limited friction and descend trails smoothly and without feeling unstable.

Allshiny 17-inch Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike – Best Fat Bike

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When searching for an affordable, quality fat tire bike, take a look at the Allshiny 17-inch Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike. With a diameter of 26 inches and a width of four full inches, these tires provide exceptional grip on rocky, icy, wet and uneven terrain. The 21-speed Shimano 51-7 shifter comes standard on these bikes, allowing riders to change gears quickly. The Shimano TZ-30 front derailleur and Shimano TZ-50 rear derailleur offer additional smoothness while changing gears. Front and back Tolan disc brakes also come equipped with this bike, providing riders with seamless, secure braking while descending even the most challenging slopes.

Its medium high-tensile aluminum frame offers maximum durability in the case of a crash. This feature is great for beginner riders – after all, one of the quickest ways to improve your mountain biking skills is by taking a few tumbles and learning from your mistakes. Fat tire bikes are ideal for traversing a variety of terrains. Once you get used to their larger look and size, you will find that fat tires have many advantages to offer a rider. These tires specifically are supersized four-inch-wide tires that offer superior grip in every terrain.

As many riders know, getting stuck out on the trail without water can be a frustrating, often dangerous scenario. Luckily, kettle accessories also come standard on this bike, allowing you to carry an addition water supply during your ride.

The bike is designed with a 17-inch frame and a 31.8-inch Black Shark handlebar, making it the perfect size for most riders. At 48.5 total pounds, this bike is slightly heavier than your average mountain bike. For a fat tire bike, this additional weight is to be expected. Fat tires weigh more than regular mountain bike tires and offer increased grip.

If you plan on riding narrow trails where more precision is needed, you may want to invest in new pedals and grips for your bike that offer more feel. Aftermarket fat tires can also be a benefit, offering even more traction than the tires that come standard on the bike. Do some research and find quality fat tires that can withstand even the toughest terrain if you plan to do any serious off-roading with this bike.

There are a handful of benefits of a fat tire bike when it comes to mountain biking. With their superior grip and traction, fat bikes can take you to places you’ve never traversed before. Fat bikes can take on almost any terrain including mud, dirt, snow, ice, rocks and more. Fat bike tires are also thicker and more rigid than standard mountain bike tires, allowing you to traverse questionable terrain without having to worry about popping a tire. Similarly, fat tires absorb more shock than regular tires, making the overall ride more comfortable.

Kingttu KTG6 – Best Fold Bike

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The Kingttu KTG6 is a dual suspension folding mountain bike that offers a light frame and exceptional portability. The KTG6 offer reliable shifting with its 21-speed shifter and front and back derailleurs. The right shifter allows you to shift through gears one through seven and the left shifter provides shifting for gear sets one through three, providing 21 overall speeds.

Assembly is simple for this model, as it already comes almost entirely assembled. You will have to install the front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedals yourself. After assembly, make sure to air up your tires before you take the bike on your first trail ride. Before tuning the bike’s brake and speed system, reference the instruction manual included in the bike’s packaging. The tools needed for assembly are all included as well, allowing for quick construction. The KTG6 is ideal for riders of an average weight that are between 5’4″ and 5’9″ in height. If you are a bigger or taller rider, look into folding bikes with a larger size frame or stronger overall composition.

Compared to regular mountain bikes, the quality of folding mountain bikes is fairly similar. A well-made folding bike can perform just as well as a regular mountain bike of the same quality. A folding mountain bike is an ideal investment for people looking for a mountain bike that is especially easy to transport. At its folded size, the bike measures 96cmx85x35cm, allowing you to transport it in your backseat, in the trunk of your vehicle or by using a bike rack. Folding bikes have a compact nature, allowing them to be transported easily and made use of quickly. These bikes take up minimal space, giving riders the ability to take their bike out for a quick spin after work.

The included seat offers standard support and can be traded out for a more comfortable seat down the line. Your seat, grip and pedal preferences will depend on the type and length of riding you normally do. If you plan on making longer trail runs with your bike, you may want to invest in a seat with more padding.

Max4out – Best Bike Slightly Above $300

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If you have a decent budget and are looking for a reliable mountain bike in the $300 range, the Max4out mountain bike is a solid contender. The bike features 26-inch rims with a 3-spoke design and a handle length of 24”. Pedals and a comfortable seat are included with the bike, though you may want to customize those components based on your specific preferences. The bike is designed for riders that weigh less than 200 pounds and that are between 5‘2’’ and 6’0” in height. Front and rear double disc brakes come standard on this mountain bike, providing increased safety and control while out on the trail. Its power 21-speed grip shifter allows riders to adjust to every circumstance and traverse mountainous terrain with ease. The bike comes with an expertly welded, durable frame and 700x28c wide, knobby tires attached to light, sturdy alloy wheels.

Overall, this is a reliable bike for riding on all types of terrains including rock, snow, pavement and dirt. Its stylish black and red design is sure to turn the heads of fellow riders.

The bike arrives almost entirely assembled. The only parts you need to worry about installing are the pedals, front wheel, handlebar and seat. You will also have to air up the tires once your bike arrives. Installation instructions are included in the package. Read the instructions carefully before tuning your new bike’s brake and speed system.

Wrapping Up

Mountain bikes at this price range are not too advanced, but  if you pick the right bike you can get a lot of value for your money. Don’t be tempted by fancy looking bookings with full-suspension and shiny parts – rather look for a solid frame and components that are reliable. Bikes at this price are good starting bikes for folks wanting to get started in mountain biking.